YouTube Spotlight: 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Studying Computer Science

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Studying Computer Science

by Sosa

With the new school year starting up I thought I would highlight a video that covers advice for Computer Science students.  While there are a number of these regret style videos out there, that I leaf through regularly to show to students, I found this one earlier today so I figured I would share it.  Sosa brings up the standard set of advice that you see in many of these but she brings up two that I want to highlight here: (1) ask for help and (2) its okay to feel behind.

Computer Science is a hard major for a number of reasons so there will be times that you struggle.  That struggle may last for an assignment, a couple of weeks, or even the better part of a year.  That is okay and that is normal.  The worst thing you can do in these times is to avoid seeking help.  I understand the feeling of feeling wrong or inferior but sadly that can start to become a self-fulling prophecy if we are not careful.

Please remember this, your Computer Science faulty (and probably all faculty in general), took the career path they did because they have a calling to help foster the education and dreams of others.  That is why we are here.  Yes, we have our research and other aspects of our jobs, but the ability to aid you in achieving your aspirations is one of the greats perks of our job.

Growth comes from a place of weakness.  The earlier you identify your weaknesses and misconceptions, the earlier you can reach out for help.  The sooner you start to work on these head-on, the sooner you can defeat your weaknesses.  Some of my favorite moments in teaching are when students have those light-bulb moments.  Please do not be selfish, reach out for help so I can see you light bulb moment.

Good luck to all this Fall and I hope you found this post and the video from Sosa useful in some way.